What We Do

ISPM has a rich fare across multiple tracks. Here’s an inventory scoping its domain and operations:

    ISPM as Evangelist.

As a matter of conviction and philosophy, ISPM promotes the projectised mindset as the thing to do and adopt. Its publications, events, and programs all foster a spirit of looking at business activities and governance issues as projects or projectisable operations.

    ISPM as Training Organisation.

With access and empanelment of best of trainers and mentors, ISPM offers beautifully designed certification and learning workshops. These transform and do not merely rehash textbook gyan. Activity based learning that incorporates the Kolb’s learning styles as per different individuals is the hallmark.

    ISPM as an Event Organiser.

ISPM conferences, breakfast meets, coffee hangouts are enjoyable experiences, which fire imagination, make you abreast of the latest practices, and facilitate professionally useful networking.

    ISPM has Chapters and Champions.

All learning acquires a movement character when it has immediately addressable nodes. ISPM helps set up chapter in your college, school, university, office department, company, government division, city, interest area. These chapters are aligned with vision at ISPM and conduct activities locally. Further, inter-chapter contests and gathers make the icing on the cake.

    ISPM as Talent Respecter.

ISPM brings the best of trainers and mentors to the market; and allows wannabe trainers to assume such a role. Our editorial, assessment and grooming teams work in close coordination with you to showcase your perspective in the most lucid effective mode.