About Us

Welcome to the online presence of the International School of Project Management (ISPM), New Delhi.

ISPM has its roots in the pathos felt by project professionals, sponsors, managers, and auditors as they see a high incidence of easily avoidable blunders, glitches, and oversights in conception and execution of projects.

This occurs invariably in most government and private-sector project undertakings. Naturally, pain causing misutilization of resources and missing of crucial milestones ensues.

Further, the Indian and Asian context, asks for localised wisdom that has homegrown canons and a pragmatic indigenization of principles of Western economies. Culturally gelling solutions are always appropriate, even in primarily engineering/ technology led projects.

Driven by this prevalent reality set, our core team members came together, and resolved to better align the practices. Dedication to the noble cause apart, immense sense of service, application of numerous years of expert learning, and collaborative team effort form the bedrock of ISPM.

Savour the site. Do write to us.